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Old Town Bluffton

Old Town Bluffton, approximately thirty minutes off the shore, is such a sweet coastal town. Its charming character is preserved through its' architecture and a mix of old and new retail shops and antique shops. There is even a Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop! Each Thursday it holds a farmer's market from 12:00 pm-3:00 pm. Unlike other markets we have been to where farmers line up their tables in one central area, this market is spread throughout the main street in different nooks and sections which ensures that you spot the many art galleries and unusual stores as you farm stand hop. Coming from NYC I couldn't help but compare the experience to shopping at the Union Square Greenmarket. Although NYC's market has a much larger selection, it is also very dauntingly flooded with people. In my twenty-two years living in Manhattan, I have never bought more than one item from one stand during a visit because I found the crowd too overwhelming. I certainly have never made a plan to go to the market, I only stopped by when I was in the neighborhood. How easy today's experience was, despite the thirty-minute drive. Drive. Park. Stroll the village. Have lunch (make sure waitress wipes down table first and I wipe every glass, plate rim, and silverware handle with alcohol swabs). Stop at farm stands. Select the beautifully harvested berries. Smile. Be on your way. Living on Hilton Head Island for the past month has really opened up a whole new, stress-free way of living. Unlike other summers where we travel abroad and move around a lot, we have really settled here and have been taking in a much more relaxed lifestyle.


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