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We lived in NYC for  22 years. We raised three children (up until they were 10, 11, and 13 years old) in Manhattan. During the Covid-era, NYC was in a downward spiral led by the former mayor who exposed many flaws in our healthcare system and a disorganized school system, while simultaneously driving a once magical city into a newly crime-ridden one. For our health and mental sanity, we began exploring the possibility of relocating. Yet, we could not think of a single place we loved enough to uproot ourselves. We also knew we could not stay in Manhattan in the tumultuous condition it was in. So, we hit the road, with our kids learning "remotely", in search of new possibilities, adventures, and possibly a new place to call home. For over a year, we were self-isolated and super cautious, but always open-minded, self-reflective, and eager to see how the rest of the country was dealing with the pandemic. We had no plan except to drive nowhere and everywhere. Once our road trip came to an end, we permanently parked our car across the country in San Diego. The road certainly changed our lives in the most unexpected ways.

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