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Feeling lucky? I am so grateful that my family is having a wonderful experience exploring the USA for the past several months via our road trip. Knowing how blessed I am to have the opportunity to discover myself along with the many magical places throughout our country, I am inspired to help others fulfill some of the life experiences they haven't had a chance to enjoy yet due to lack of time, motivation, money, etc... I want to spread the love and HELP YOU make those dreams come true! Is there an excursion you've always had on your bucket list? A restaurant you've always wanted to dine at but have pushed off because of expenses? Have you ever wanted to learn to ski or surf? Did you ever want to learn a new language? Is there an experience you've pushed off for one reason or another? What can I gift you that you haven't gotten around to gifting yourself?


The other day I watched paragliders glide over the Pacific Ocean off the coast of San Diego and thought about how lucky they are to soar through the sky and how lucky I am to be in San Diego seven months into my road trip observing them. I felt an urge and sense of excitement to be a part of helping others have equally magical experiences so I created this opportunity to partake in creating fun memories in other people's lives. No catches... just apply and see if your name gets drawn, live, at the end of each month. Best of luck! Can't wait to watch you fulfill some of your dream experiences!


Apply to win a fun experience of your choice!

Thanks for submitting!

Rules & Information: 


1) Must follow @sundaystrolling on Instagram (all announcements and communications will be made on it)

2) By submitting this form you acknowledge that you are over 21, anyone under this age will be disqualified 

3) Must be a resident of the USA, all experiences booked will be on US soil

4) I will fund experiences up to $300 max to those who qualify and win the monthly drawing. No partial subsidizing or cash will be sent towards a greater amount. 

5) NO CASH - I will arrange gift cards/certificates at a site that meets your needs that is local to you

6) No cash transfer- winner must use the gift card/certificate within 30 days or it will expire

7) Share a video of your experience by tagging @sundaystrolling 

8) No charities or requests for donations will be considered- I make donations to charities regularly

9) May apply once per month

10)  Applications will be open from the 1st until the 15th of each month

11) Tune in to the monthly live drawing on the last day of the month, time will be announced on @sundaystrolling

12) By submitting this form you agree that if you are the winner of the month, sundaystrolling can use any photos or videos of your won experience on its website and social media outlets.  


This is a grassroots effort to spread the love and help you fulfill life-enhancing experiences you may have otherwise pushed off. sundaystrolling is in no way responsible for any injuries or accidents that occur as a result of the experience purchased for you. 

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