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March Melodies

It's March. A new month has arrived, one that will lead us into Spring and if we are fully conscious and aware we may begin to notice a rebirth in ourselves along with the gardens that will begin to bloom around us. I haven't had much to write in February mainly because I was deeply immersed in setting my intentions for the seeds I hope to plant in the months ahead.

In February I continued my new rituals of rising at 5:00 am to journal, meditate, and watch educational and inspirational interviews before leaving the house at 6:30 am to head to the gym. I also continued my streak of reading one book per week, which has probably been one of the most rewarding things I have done for myself throughout my journey. My February book reads include:

The Fifth Agreement by Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz

Independent Ed by Edward Burns

The Post Office, by Charles Bukowski

More Myself, by Alicia Keys

Exposing myself to a variety of genres and thinkers has really broadened my horizons and reshaped the ways I have been thinking of my own life. At the start of this road trip, I was so broken and badly wounded by failed relationships and my poor choices in the friends I chose to focus my energy on. Since the summer of 2019, I was spiraling into a world where everything was taken personally and my sensitivity meter was on overdrive. Here I am, nineteen months later, slowly healing. The words I have allowed to infiltrate my mind, through the books I have bonded with over the months, have definitely played a role in my recovery.

The Fifth Agreement confirms my truth about being the directors of our own lives while respectfully accepting the stories others make for themselves. Independent Ed reminded me of the power of perseverance and the beauty that lies in vulnerability which is sadly a trait I shy away from (note to self: learn to be vulnerable). The Post Office offered me more than the perspective of a drunken, sexually charged post office worker. Instead, it highlighted the obstacles we all hit as humans that fatigue us and how the people we meet along the way can truly drain us. More Myself inspired me to continue searching, transforming, listening to my instincts, and being a better advocate for myself. Wrapping myself in the arms of these authors/characters has pushed me to think deeper, draft and revise my purpose, and continue being a source of light to others. When we were in Snowbird, UT in January, a friend shipped a beautifully scented candle to our hotel with a note reminding me to continue to "be the light". This candle is lit each morning during my morning rituals and is a driving force in setting my intentions for the day. I can't believe I not so long ago consciously dimmed because of a few self-centered, unaware people that crossed my path.

In February, I also added some new daily pleasures into my life. I began boxing, which I adore, and met with a boxing trainer each Friday. In the ways of Wim Hof, I began ending my showers with freezing cold water - something I never ever thought I could do. He swears by the healing properties of cold water and has tons of science to back up his claim, so I thought "why not?". I must admit, the two minutes under the cold water is invigorating and rejuvenating - I literally shout and scream in a twisted delight. I make sure to spend time outdoors every single day. Being in San Diego, where the weather is perfect in February, made for easy excursions along the shore and in the sunshine. Even on those afternoons when I felt too tired, I pushed myself to get outside and never regretted the decision to do so.

My biggest breakthrough in February was the realization that I wanted to give back beyond donating to charities and volunteering my time. Yes, I will definitely continue to give back in these important ways as well, but I felt a need to serve others on a more personal level. After witnessing hand gliders soaring through the skies over the Pacific Ocean, I felt a great sense of gratitude for all the freedom I have had over the past seven months. I wanted to give back and gift others with unique life experiences too. It suddenly felt important that I would help others share some of the same life-changing experiences that I enjoyed throughout the journey on our USA road trip. So, I began a monthly live drawing where I will gift one lucky winner an excursion or life experience of their choice (up to $300). The idea filled me with excitement at the prospect of being a part of helping someone else fulfill a dream. I can't imagine a better way for myself to feel fulfilled than to bring happiness and positive changes into someone else's life.

Finally, in March of 2020, at the very start of the pandemic, a friend invited me to join Deepak Chopra's 21 Days of Abundance Challenge. Since we were stuck in a house, in quarantine, away from the world I figured I would join. I was a diligent listener and student. I loyally practiced the 21 days of meditations (I never meditated before) and exercises. Then when it ended, I continued with my normal life, or so I thought and didn't meditate anymore. Last month, someone on the Chopra's Challenge WhatsApp group mentioned that she wasn't able to start the 21 Days last year and wanted to give it a try one year later wondering if anyone wanted to join her. I realized that, without even noticing, those 21 Days were a catalyst of the most unexpected year ahead. From there came the idea of an unplanned, unlimited road trip which led to deep thinking and soul searching, which led to early morning rituals, which led to avid reading, which led to helping others meet their dreams, which led to... What a chain reaction!

February was fantastic. March greets me patiently ready to gently nudge me into more personal and spiritual growth. I have no specific goals for March but something tells me that through continued discovery more beautiful changes are ahead.

Wishing you all a wonderful end to winter and a celebratory welcoming of Spring. Here's to new beginnings and may the warmer weather ahead keep your hearts warm and your spiritual gardens blooming.

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