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March Food & Fun

March has dragged by at a torturous pace, the days stalled while each weekend felt a world away. This slow pace was mainly due to our son's college decisions finally coming in after months of awaiting his fate. We all know the cliche that time flies - I'd like to add that it does, except in March. One of my favorite ways to pass the time during a slowly moving month is by dining with good friends who entrust me to choose our dining destination. It's such a reward for me to introduce our friends to a fabulous spot they may not have enjoyed otherwise. March may have lagged, testing my patience fully, yet having some wonderful dinner dates on the calendar helped me move along. And of course, searching for a unique monthly, local activity to share with my readers kept me busy too. In addition to finding you the best restaurants in San Diego, I have also promised to deliver some special, entertaining activities in the area. My activity discovery for March was filled with flower fields, Spring is in the air! Read on for some foodie & fun inspiration in this incredible city I am lucky to call home.

Realm of the 52 Remedies (Convoy Street)

San Diego does not lack in the speakeasy department and Realm of the 52 Remedies should be on top of your list for hidden libations in a unique setting. Tucked away inside Common Theory, an expansive brewhouse, you'll first be escorted into a brightly lit, futuristic apothecary filled with herbs and tonics to remedy your ailments. In fact, the cocktails served behind the apothecary are crafted with the hopes of curing those who sip on them. After a brief introduction by the host, you'll be asked to wave your hand to trigger the automatic door which takes you down a path of exotic flags and ultimately leads you into the bar area, which will instantly transport you into a magical realm influenced by the Far East. This is a very cool speakeasy.

pros: creative use of medicinal theme which is woven into the cocktail menu and decor, drinks are creatively named after Asian films, the decor is quite attractive with banquet seating inspired by a lotus, tucked away tables, lots of bamboos incorporated throughout, and a screen over the jade bar playing anime

cons: parking is difficult, they enforce a strict two-hour seating policy, and the extensive menu is on a qr code making it hard to navigate

must order: for drinks: 13 Assasins cocktails, named after a film with the same name (laphroaig, chile liquor, blood orange amaro, smoked saline, baby's breath flower). *in this cocktail we are trying to showcase memorable village fight scenes, smoke from burning houses, bloody sword fights, and all the war scene atmosphere.” I mean... how cool is that? And they did deliver a smokey, dark drink!

for food: the kawaii tamago (miso custard, ikura, toasted nori, shiso, and bread crumbs), and the mushroom fried rice (coconut milk, orange blossom, charcoal roasted king trumpet mushrooms, and toasted coconut)

Lucrezia (La Jolla, UTC)

Interestingly, people have mixed reviews on this new-ish Italian trattoria that opened in La Jolla in the Fall. I have eaten here twice and have enjoyed both of my experiences. If you're looking for solid, affordable Italian cuisine in a bustling environment, you will be satisfied eating here.

pros: friendly staff, thorough menu, easy to snatch a reservation

cons: the space is massive giving it a factory-like feel

must order: the mediterranea salad, arancini balls, and margherita pizza

Costa Brava (Pacific Beach)

I've fallen in love with this local tapas bar that has mastered bringing Spain to Pacific Beach. Live Spanish music fills the charming, expansive back patio. Our entire dining experience was authentic and delicious, luring us to order practically everything on the menu and leaving us very satiated.

pros: real deal tapas joint with a great menu and live flamenco guitar tunes on wednesdays and thursdays, extremely friendly staff cons: none

must order: the marinated octopus, patatas a la brava, and the steamed clams in spanish marinera sauce

Raised by Wolves (La Jolla, UTC)

Raised by Wolves is a unique speakeasy tucked behind a carefully curated liquor shop. An over-the-top entrance through a revolving fireplace that only allows two guests to enter at a time gets you in. The main space is super chic and packed with those eager to down perfectly crafted cocktails. This is a great spot to grab drinks before dinner and to pick up a special bottle for a pal's birthday.

pros: opulent interior with a breathtaking bar that boasts a marble water fountain at its center, bartenders whip up mean cocktails, the rightful winner of north america's 50 best bars

cons: beware of prices! we naively ordered an old fashioned, unaware that it came with a $699 price tag! management took it off our bill...

must order: not an old fashioned, honestly this is the kind of place where you can't go wrong with any drink

Hamitbach (Mission Walley)

I have been craving a well-made stuffed falafel pita with all the fixings for too long. We've tried falafel everywhere from Camel Valley to Anaheim, yet have been repeatedly disappointed. I've yearned for the ecstatic feeling that comes with tahini gloriously dripping down my chin. The search is over, Hamitbach (which means "the kitchen") is as authentic as it gets. Packed with Israelis who all seem to know each other, I felt like I was back in Tel Aviv. The fast pace, the loud chatter, striking up conversations with strangers - all just perfection. Luckily this joint is a twenty-five-minute drive from me, otherwise, I'd be here daily. No joke.

pros: get ready to be transported to Israel with an insanely delicious falafel pita in hand, a large menu that includes schnitzel too, and a lively atmosphere with mainly israeli customers

cons: none

must order: the falafel pita with anything you'd like from the salad bar - my perfect combination includes cabbage salad, israeli salad, pickles, extra tahini, and lots of schug (hot sauce)

This month, my "fun" activity quest led me to the Flower Fields in Carlsbad. The grounds are stunning - fifty-five acres of every possible color of ranunculus beautifully organized into patterns. When the wind hits, the flowers look like they are happily dancing. Adding to the already gorgeous setting, the Pacific Ocean hugs the background. We spent almost two hours roaming the gardens as we noshed on their kettle popcorn and stopped for freshly made lemonade. For $8.00 you can hop on a wagon ride to ensure you cover the entire property. As an orchid lover, I especially enjoyed the cymbidium orchid greenhouse which displays an array of colors that these delightful flowers come in. Go soon, tickets are on sale until May 12th!

pros: a perfect way to spend a weekend afternoon, not too crowded, and an abundant offering of inspiring gardens are available to those who love flowers

cons: google maps has the address wrong - we made two wrong attempts to find the fields. use the address that is provided on their website to find it easily

must see: the american flag of flowers made with red, white, and blue petunias; also make sure to stop in the flower shop - we left with two colorful pots of assorted flowers that are displayed in my garden, bringing a smile to my face each time i pass by them


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