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Election Day Blues

As I was baking this not-so-perfect flag cake yesterday I was caught in some thoughts on the elections and how much tension has been created in our beautiful country around the next presidency. No matter who wins, almost half the population will be disappointed by the outcome. While I have my own personal hopes of who will be elected as the next President of The United States of America, last night I decided to ease some of the tense energy floating around by baking a cake to lighten the mood. Like sage, the scent that emerges from baking rids the air of all its toxins. As I creamed the butter and sugar, it hit me that we the people are the ones who make the biggest impact in our world. If collectively we do not think outside of our own needs and extend a hand to strangers and friends, donate our time and money to important causes, raise our children with strong values of charity, kindness and empathy, and respect our beautiful Planet Earth then does it really matter who wins or loses?

We are the leaders. We are the people. We are the future. Regardless of who wins, or loses, our citizens have a lot to work on before any leader can take us to a better and brighter outcome. We have a lot more work to do as Americans than to simply vote and immerse ourselves in non-stop political exchanges.

Rather than worrying about who ends up winning this mess of an election, I urge you to take the next few days to consider how you can better serve your family, friends and community. If the majority of us band together to weave selfless acts, random acts of kindness, charity, authenticity, empathy and open-mindedness into our lives then we would be in great shape even if a kangaroo sits in the oval office.

Of course whoever wins the presidency will make an impact on our country, but the people, us, can make an even greater impact if we re-shift and recalibrate our energy individually first. We cannot rely on the next President to change the future of our country. We are responsible for this task and before we change our country, we need to rethink how we live our individual lives.


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