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  • What a Whirlwind!

    Would you believe it if I told you that it feels like we have lived in La Jolla for years now? Unlike New York City, where everyone's schedule is full for months in advance, La Jollans do not compete Secondly, the folks in La Jolla are the warmest and most welcoming people we have met. I have driven to the village and around La Jolla on my own (which is a huge accomplishment considering I would, however, like to expand my horizons and get a sense of independence on the roads beyond La Jolla

  • Where am I?

    Apparently, everyone wants to live in La Jolla these days and the real estate market is pretty much non-existent

  • 6 Weeks in San Diego, CA

    LINGER IN LA JOLLA FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN La Jolla is the only town in San Diego that has earned its Jolla. Jolla. Eddie V's, La Jolla You don't want to miss a meal at Eddie V's. Catania, La Jolla For well-prepared Italian cuisine and a beautiful view of the sun setting over La Jolla

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  • Travel | SundayStrolling

    LCR Apr 3 7 min 2 Nights in New Orleans, LA We decided to skip the typical tourist agenda while in New LCR Feb 1 3 min 1 Night in Las Vegas, NV We recently made a one night stop in Vegas on October 30, 2020 LCR Nov 9, 2020 8 min 2 Nights in Los Angeles, CA I hate to admit it but our weekend in La La Land was La La Lackluster. Las Vegas with two other couples was quite a different experience than traveling here with our three

  • My Blog | SundayStrolling

    Nights in Crazy Town, USA Apr 4 2 min 1 Night in Knoxville, TN Apr 3 7 min 2 Nights in New Orleans, LA

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