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Why Drumming isn't Dumb

In November I randomly had the idea to bring people together through a drumming circle. My husband thought I was nuts, but I'm always full of nutty ideas and luckily he tends to follow my lead. I am not a drummer. Nor are the vast majority of our friends. But I do always love to try new experiences and thought a drumming circle could be fun. Boy was I right!

What is a drumming circle? It's a community of people flowing together to magically create a rhythm. Since none of us are experts, we have an instructor facilitating the group who starts us off with some beats and then we all jump in when the timing feels just right and contribute whatever energetically comes out of our hands. It may sound a little hippy-dippy. I'm ok with you calling it what you wish, just know that when we're in our zone, and everyone's eyes are closed while our bodies sway to the sounds we create together, there's really no word to describe it but magic.

Each month our circle evolves. There is always a handful of regulars and there are always newbies. There is also always a waitlist because space is limited. I never expected that there would be such a strong response.

I'll tell you more about why I believe that these are so successful.

Our monthly circles have formed a strong sense of community. Although my husband and I personally invite our friends and know all the attendees, our friends don't all know each other and they have the opportunity to musically mingle with new people every month. We not only make music and new friends, we also make monthly memories together. Many of you know that meaningful memory-making is my life mission.

These monthly jams unite an eclectic group of human beings that may not normally reach out to one another. The ages range from people in their twenties to their sixties. We have a former airforce pilot, a fitness instructor, physicians and scientists in various fields, housewives, entrepreneurs, lawyers, university professors, an administrative assistant, and even a great guy that has literally been in every Burning Man-like event throughout the world. There is no barrier or hierarchy to tackle when everyone's intention is to join forces with a common purpose in mind.

There is something about knowing that you are about to embark on a musical journey that sets a tone of gratitude. We all begin the evening with a sense of belonging, love, and appreciation for one another that you don't generally receive at a dinner table.

Introducing others to new experiences is one of the greatest gifts you can offer your friends. I am amazed to see grownups who are open enough to be vulnerable and pick up new melodic gadgets, with names that are impossible to remember (it's quite scary playing an instrument that you don't know how to play or pronounce!). Somehow, when everyone lets their guard down, the cadence serendipitously comes together.

Ironically, even though most of us don't have any drumming experience, we become so in tune with one another that the tempo we create is perfectly harmonious, euphoric really. I always end our sessions feeling high.

There is a future for our circle. My goal is to encourage participants to begin thinking about purchasing their own drums, tambourines, or maracas so that when the weather gets warmer, and the days are longer, we all head to the sand and drum the sun to sleep. I envision others who come across us being inspired and joining our rhythmic group. I see this drumming circle expanding into a wider community. More joy. More love.

Please remember, when you have some crazy, random idea that you are actually excited about - go for it! All it took was me searching for an instructor who can provide instruments and organize the event. People are thirsty for new opportunities. The effort it takes to set up a new experience for others is minimal, yet the return is monumental.

See you on the sand!


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