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4 hours in Fort Worth, TX

If you're looking for a more authentic cowboy/girl experience while in Texas, head on over to Fort Worth! This small city definitely has a big personality! Four hours gave us a nice glimpse into the city's vibe and what is available to its' residents and visitors. The neighborhoods below are listed in the order we visited them. They are not walking distance from one another but you can easily walk through each one.

Fort Worth Stockyard Historical District

For the most bona fide western experience Fort Worth Stockyard District is a must! You are welcomed by the town's original signage hung one hundred years ago and lured to enter its' path comprised of a long row of saloons, restaurants, an active rodeo colosseum and even a herding ranch where you can view real cowboys in action! We were blown away that places like this still exist! Next time we'll be sure to visit in our cowboy/girl hats and boots!

Fort Worth Water Gardens

The Water Gardens are an oasis in downtown Fort Worth boasting three pools that tantalize the senses. They are perfectly designed for those seeking a quiet moment or two in a beautifully relaxing landscape.

Sundance Square

As soon as we walked into the main square my daughter thought of an Italian piazza. It is reminiscent of a town square in Milan but once you veer off you are guided into perfectly maintained streets filled with high-end stores and restaurants. It is truly a beautiful area to stroll and get lost in for the afternoon.

HG Sply

For grub we headed to HG Sply for yummy, clean food in a vibrant atmosphere. The outdoor seating area is on a river adding to a lovely experience. The menu has an abundance of vegetarian and gluten free options and each and every bite was relished by all of us!

Although Fort Worth is much smaller than Dallas it has a lot to offer and is an easy forty five minute drive from the big city. It is definitely worth a stop to explore its' various neighborhoods and all they have to offer.


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